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The Aviera Collection includes Guest, Patient, Multi-Seating and Hip chairs.


The stylish Aviera collection includes versatile guest and bariatric seating. Maple or beech wood framed arm chairs can be linked to tables and seats and can be specified in 21″, 24″, 30″ and 44″ widths.


Aviera patient chairs combine long-term comfort with a wall-saver design that angles rear legs and back away from the wall, creating an appealing visual aesthetic while preventing damage to both chairs and walls. The arm design provides support for easy ingress and egress. Patient chairs are available in maple or beech wood frames.


The Aviera collection offers extraordinary flexibility for custom space planning. Chairs can be linked to tables, and preconfigured, start/center/end, and freespan multiples offer virtually limitless configuration possibilities. Available in maple or beech wood frames.


With increased seat height and a footrest, the Aviera hip chair provides a comfortable sitting experience for those with joint ailments. Easy access when getting in and out of lobby/lounge furniture found in high traffic areas is the hallmark of the Aviera hip chair.

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