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Correlation – Productive in every way.  A distinguished line of desking components that provides the ultimate range of work solutions to completely furnish the private office. Superior drawer construction is featured throughout the extensive storage option offering.

Correlation components can turn a general office area into a fully functional multi-person teaming environment. The combination of Divide™ desk mounted panels creates visual privacy with the added benefit of off-desk accessories for more usable worksurface space.

A. Divide™ Panels – Divide™ surface mounted panels are available in many finishes to create a personalized work environment.

B. Panel OptionsTop: Glazed panel available with ribbed, clear or frosted finish. Centre: Fabric panel. Bottom: Laminate panel.

C. Hanging Rail Accessories – Divide’s fabric and glazed panels have built-in rails to accommodate optional off-desk accessories that help organize work station paperwork and everyday office essentials.

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