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The Kurv™ chair and Kurvman are designed as a sensuous flexuous ribbon of formed wood frame with upholstered center. The continuous band affords a soft springing of the seat and back for maximum comfort and a soft kinetic bounce – to relax and de-stress our lives. The flowing form is designed ergonomically to provide correct lounge seating for all contexts from office to home with an area below for magazines or to store other objects.

The Kurvman ottoman also provides storage below and is a continuous band of wood and upholstery to marry the organic chair as a family. The chair is produced by curving a singular 8- to 10-foot piece of laminated maple, made up of twelve layers. This complex laminating process, which uses a five-part mold, takes the art of wood molding to another level.

Chair with arms (Kurv™ chair)
Chair with no arms (Kurv™ chair)
2- seat bench, closed only (Kurv™ Bench)
1-seat bench, closed only (Kurv™ Bench)
Ottoman, open only (Kurvman™)

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