The BuzziTile turns any blind wall into a must-see!


The BuzziBoard is a magnetic and sound-insulating memo board that can be used to pin things up, to absorb sound or to darken windows.


The BuzziSkin has everything it takes to make any interior sexy, at home or at work. The dream of any discerning wall!


BuzziBlox are acoustic panels with different depths, developed to tune a room in the speech spectrum range and especially in low and mid-frequencies.


The BuzziGrid lattice work serves more than one purpose: not only is it a highly decorative element in any room, it also serves as a sound buffer.


The BuzziCube is upholstered with a soft fabric and makes sitting a pleasure for your eyes and your bottom.


BuzziLand is made from sound-insulating material: stick it to the ceiling or walls to dampen sounds without losing out on chic design.


The BuzziHood is an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall, providing peace and quiet in noisy surroundings.