A minimalistic, no-nonsense design by Jehs+Laub, the A-Chair is the ideal side chair. The eye-catching A-frame of the base borders the seat on either side.


Circo barstool has a solid beech wood base, displaying master craftsmanship and achieving a natural look. The scoop back seat offers support and comfort.


The Ginkgo Chair is an elegant yet durable bent plywood chair with an organic aesthetic that is both instantly recognizable and utterly unforgettable. 


As the first chair that fuses painted wood with wood veneer, Join not only defies convention but also ushers in a whole new approach to bent plywood.


Kontour modular seating, with coordinating ottomans and end tables, can be arranged in limitless configurations to provide comfortable, functional seating.


Simple and classic in design, Modo is the perfect building block for whatever space you have in mind. With several different sized pieces, it fits anywhere.


Prat is the iconic reimagining of a classic table design. Clean and simple, Prat tables are unhindered in the beauty and sleekness of its design. 


Boasting an eye-catching geometric silhouette and endless number of configurations, the Q5 bench collection and table system transitions effortlessly.


Radius modular seating is ideal for high traffic environments. It features details such as a sweep-through area between seats and backs. 


Markus Dörner’s Rhombus chair is an elegantly modern design made with a heavy focus on old world craftsmanship and striking stitching design.