Hip Hop

With the Hip Hop collection, fluidity and contrasts will be the determining factors of your layout.


Nex is the genesis of modern and urban office furniture that will definitely satisfy your desire for sophistication and distinction.


Affording privacy at the center of the action, Nvision’s tailored stations fit like a glove and provide an all-in-one solution that’s compact, efficient and affordable.

Filing & Storage

Groupe Lacasse Filing & Storage products are exceptionally sturdy, durable and offer a wide selection of handle options, finishes and metal paint colors.


The numerous sturdy and distinguished components of Options will let you get the right balance between comfort, aesthetics and efficiency.

Quorum Multiconference

Quorum Multiconference tables are completely adaptable to new office technologies and are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and shapes.

Cube 100

With its sleek lines and upholstery personalization options, Cube 100 is the ideal collection to create convivial seating arrangements with a modern twist.

Cube 300

Cube 300 – A whole range of modular elements including sofa, loveseat, ottoman and storage tables. A simple, pure yet modern design to please trendy decors.


The 4800 Series chair comes in a a variety of models for medical offices, labs, counters, classrooms, training rooms, cafeterias, or lobbies.