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Vox Credenza

The Vox Credenza reflects Nienkämper’s commitment to producing well made furniture that functions superbly. The optional interiors have been designed to enhance the basic design and meet the increasing needs of today’s boardrooms around the world. These credenzas are designed to complement Vox® tables and VoxVision® cabinets.

The Vox Credenza includes all the necessary ventilation and wire access for all optional interiors including the following equipment storage sliding rail or rotating swing frame; refrigerator; waste receptacle and fixed shelf, where receptacle opens with the credenza door and cutlery tray.

The unique interior feature turn this boardroom piece into a multi-functional cabinet that can be used for audio/visual, hospitality, and storage.

Credenza interior options: cutlery tray, single pedestal drawer with adjustable shelf, stacked single pedestal drawers, double pedestal drawer with adjustable dividers and adjustable shelf, stacked double pedestal drawer with adjustable dividers, equipment storage (sliding rail, and rotating swing frame), waste receptacle, and refrigerator.

Vox Credenza Brochure